Twitch eSports Streaming

Twitch wanted to reinvent how eSports were streamed, moving from relatively dry affairs of simply watching gameplay to a more engaging, sportscaster-like event that entertained as well as informed.

Christian's part of the project was to come up with a centerpiece for the set, and he decided on a sportscaster table that could flip to reveal an augmented reality "hologram" set.

Sportscaster Side

Sportscaster Side

Modeled after the vehicle turntable in the game Rocket League, the first side of the table would bear the logo of the game being promoted and would act as a standard table for the eSports casters to use as they saw fit.

When the table was ready to be flipped, a switch would be pressed - represented here by the brass switch in front of the man in the plaid shirt - that would cause latches around the table to raise and the table to flip to the other side.

Hologram Side

Hologram Side

Once flipped, video cameras equipped with augmented reality attachments would be able to use the design on the second side to align the AR projections to the surface, which would appear to the streaming audience as holographic projections.

The eSports casters could then project game replays, car models, and play analyses complete with Madden-style telestrator markups.

Twitch Flip Table

The flip table was done entirely within Modo. The character models and chairs were imported set pieces. The car was an in-game asset from Rocket League that came in multiple parts that had to be imported, textured, grouped, and assembled before it could be successfully animated.

The table itself was created completely from scratch, using only a few screenshots from the game as reference.